The Best Ways To Tie A Hammock Around A Tree

The Best Ways On How To Tie A Hammock Around A Tree

No matter what season there is, hammocks always get its full swing. Nothing appears more satisfying than hanging a hammock outdoors. And if you go camping, this is the best way to relax and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

There are a lot of ways on how to tie a hammock around a tree, be it permanently at your backyard or in case you want to just go camping this summer.

Though there are already heavy-duty hammocks for sale now, it is still very important to know setting up a hammock for camping or for your backyard.

There are several suspension methods that you need to know that will boost absolute comfort and security this summer.

How To Tie A Hammock Around A Tree

There are several ways of setting up a hammock for camping and each of them has its benefits and disadvantages of their own.

The ways on how to tie a hammock around a tree depend on how you plan it utilize it, be it for camping, or for your backyard permanently.

Using Hammock Hardware

There are several hardware suspensions that you can use when setting up a hammock for camping which includes finger nines, ring buckles, lengths of chain, j-hook wall anchors and large s-hooks.

This hammock hardware is easy to adjust and gives you the right tension as per your preference.

The pros of using this method are its strong and solid hold as well as it’s easy to adjust capability.

But the cons are the mobility of the hardware installation in trees and the harm it can give to the trees.

Using A Rope

The traditional way of hanging a hammock is through the use of a rope. The pros of this method are that it won’t harm trees, easy to pack and carry for camping and very mobile.

While the cons include not being very easy as using straps and the knots should be secured to maintain a strong hold. Tarp size for a hammock is also ideal for this.

Using Tree Straps

The easiest hammock suspension type that you can use outside is tree straps, especially for lightweight hammock shelter.

Other than trees whenever you go camping outside, you can also use it on patios and porches at home.

The pros of this method is its portability, lightweight and compact which is very ideal for camping and can be adjusted for any distance.

The only cons for this are that it can’t be used on walls. You can also purchase two trees double rod hammock kit for a convenient and hassle-free set up of hammock for camping.