Nepal Earthquake Support Disaster Relief

The Main Issues

Has There Been Progress?

After the international community donated $4.1 billion to Nepal, the plan was to add this to local revenue. Plans were then to distribute money to locals to help rebuild their homes. To date 12% of the money is distributed, only 544,996 families received their first payments. 20,889 homes or 3.2% of actual homes now rebuilt. According to the National Reconstruction Authority.

As for the rest of the families who lost their homes, progress has been terribly slow. Many spent two harsh winters in bamboo tents and huts. Some families have had to travel for days to get to government offices to sign for the promised compensation.

But lack of raw materials mean that even families who have received compensation are unable to rebuild their homes. Some families have been able to build foundations, but must wait months for officials to come and inspect the work so that they can receive the next part of their payment to continue building.

Since the earthquake, Nepal has endured two shifts in administrations, political disagreements and countless demonstrations by ethnic minority groups. The fact of the matter is that there aren’t enough supplies. Government officials are slow reacting leading to heightened tensions and eventual conflicts.

Heightened Tension created food supplies blocked at the borders for months in 2015 and further in 2016. It took nearly 8 months for a National Reconstruction Administration formation. Only then to sort out its policies and pay out plans, and another 3 months to sort out leadership.

Are People Coping?

Many people appear to be getting on with life as normal, they seem to have adapted to their conditions. But it is sad that they have had to. All around them, reminders of the disaster are evident. Whether it’s snaking cracks in the walls large enough to stick your arm into, or the silent air where a revered temple once stood.

There are many challenges moving forward, but only by working together can this resilient country remedy the extent of the damage.

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