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Tree Saver Hammock Suspension Straps & Ultra-Light Aluminum Wire Gate Carabiners


Wiregate Ultra-Strong & Ultra-Light


Our Tree Saver Hammock straps are tree friendly and don’t damage bark unlike traditional types of rope suspension systems. The straps are incredibly lightweight and only weigh around 16 oz. this makes it easy to pack light for hiking or camping. The straps are 1” wide and 10’ long with 14 loops, each loop is triple stitched tack bars, adjustable daisy chain loops at 3” spacing for ultra-fine tune adjustments so you can achieve the perfect hammock hang.


Hammock Straps – Tree Saver Straps

What do you look for in a hammock? Among other things, it should be durable, versatile and strong enough to keep you suspended and have you feeling safe. Another factor is support. No matter your level of camping proficiency, you still want to be comfortable and safe. And so, we offer the Everest Active Gear Tree Saver Straps. These straps will enhance your hammock experience as the most comfortable rest you will ever have knowing you are safely supported.

It is important to know that there are different types of hammocks, most people prefer camping hammocks due to their versatility and strength. These types of hammocks are designed to survive the rugged lifestyle of an avid camper and are incredibly durable, they can be repurposed for any set up. If you have already mastered the joy that is hammock camping, then you will understand the importance of having the right straps as they help disperse the weight and reduce damage to trees or other objects.

Choosing the Right Straps

The right straps mean the difference between a frustratingly difficult set up or a surprisingly easy one. It also means that you will sleep more soundly because you know that your straps will be there to support you and keep you safe all throughout the night.

There is something so endearing about sleeping under the stars while gently swaying in the breeze. It is relaxing, and most of all- therapeutic. “Nature is our Therapy” This is Everest Active Gear’s mission statement. We ourselves understand how stressful life can be, so spending time in nature is the best kind of therapy. Nature must be enjoyed to the full.

We supply quality camping gear so you can get the most out of nature. The advantages of purchasing Everest Active Gear is the fact that we are thorough in our design process, we offer our Tree Saver Straps as we want you to take care and protect your environment when camping. Everest Active Gear as a small company of nature enthusiasts, so no-one understands the market and products better than we do.


The straps are compatible with ENO SingleNest, DoubleNest, BearButt, Everest Duo Swing, and most all other hammocks. The compatibility of the straps with other brands is a huge advantage, traditional straps can break so easily and rope is not advised. It is a smart choice to buy our straps along with an Everest Active Gear hammock so that you can have a strong reliable and safe outing.

The design makes it easy to set up since there are no knots or hidden rules, you’ll have your hammock up in 90 seconds, and that’s if you’ve never set up a hammock before! If you get stuck, the set comes complete with a comprehensive and easy to follow instruction guide.  The daisy looped chain makes it easy to adjust the height as necessary, reducing frustration and making these hammock straps a joy to own.