Excellent piece of gear, easy to set up and very generous size. The mosquito net keeps out the smallest bugs and the inside (and outside) pockets make it easy to store items. I've used it several times in the forest and near the beach and it's GREAT. I bought the Rain Fly also and will not be packing a tent on my next outing. I already have a friend buying one from seeing mine.

- Excellent Piece of Gear, Easy to Set Up

I've used this every night for about a month so far. It's durable and has taken quite a beating and held up perfectly fine. The pocket on the outside is perfect for my pistol, and the one on the inside is perfect for phone. The bug net doesn't let a damned thing in, and is made out of a tough material. It's easy to hang, and even easier to put away. I've had a lot of hammocks in my life, this one takes the cake
- I’ve Had a lot of Hammocks in my Life, This One Takes The Cake!

Love this hammock! It's super lightweight and large enough for 2 people to sleep in. It saves so much space backpacking and the mosquito netting is super fine and wont let even the smallest insect in! The straps are so easy to use, it takes probably 5 minutes to set up and even less to take down.
- Love This Hammock!

I've had the opportunity to use my Everest Hammock a couple nights now out in the backwoods of WI doing some dispersed camping. LOVE Everything about this Hammock. The straps are fantastic, the "no see-them mosquito net and elastic hanging material work exceptionally well. It's fantastic to be able to set up camp in any location regardless of level ground. It also works very well to sit in and just soak up the crackling of the fire and listen to the silence of nature when camping more than a mile from your nearest neighbor. 2 thumbs up for innovative features and quality build. One tip I've learned is that when taking down and stuffing into the attached storage pouch it's easiest to just grab both of the carabiniers in one hand and put them in the sack first and stuff the rest of the hammock in behind it. No tedious folding or rolling necessary. Keeps the material off the ground and free from debris.
- LOVE Everything About This Hammock

I love it! Best hammock I've ever owned and I've been through a few! Definitely worth the money! Plenty of space for two people. I'm only 5'6" so it's literally a tent between two trees! I would recommend this hammock to anyone novice to professional! All you need now is a tarp and pad and your good to go!
- Best Hammock I’ve Ever Owned and I’ve Been Through a Few!

Where do I start? This hammock is absolutely awesome! It is an incredible value for this price point, it really comes with everything you need to get setup! I have taken this hammock to several National Parks. It worked great for backpacking. The quick setup allowed me to use it in numerous places including a few peaks. It sets up 2 minutes or less. Extremely comfortable, I am 6” and was able to get a mostly flat angle. I sleep better than in my bed at home. I highly recommend this product, so much fun!
- This is The Ultimate Hammock For Adventuring!

Really solid construction and quality craftsmanship. I use this with my Everest Hammock and my friends have used on their ENO DoubleNest and Dutchware Halfwits. If you own the Everest Hammock you are familiar with the quality and value, this rain fly is an awesome companion for rainy weather. The tie-out lines are a really nice cordage and it has these easy adjustment loops on the end of the fly corners so you can adjust from porch mode (shown in pics) to storm mode without having to retie or move stakes. This kept me dry during a big storm in the Red River Gorge, great coverage over Everest Hammock or any other 9”-11” Hammock.
- Buy this rain fly if you are looking for quality and craftsmanship at a great price!

My wife and I bought one hammock each (colors: charcoal navy and woodland khaki) and they are well-made and comfortable. The company is new but they have a wonderful philosophy and can pretend to offer premium quality products for a fair price just by reducing their management costs. It's great nowadays to have the opportunity to buy serious products without having to put 50% of your money in marketing and other indirect costs.

The hammock: - the fabric is 100% 210T ripstop diamond nylon which compete with the most high quality other brands' hammocks. The hammock also comes with a YKK double tab zip and triple stitched edge seams rated 400 Lbs. - 2 bonus features: 1) ropes at each end of the bug net where you can hang stuffs (like a lamp) and 2) a convenient internal pocket in the hammock to store small stuffs for quick access. - the integrated heavy grade no-see-um netting (with net ropes) is a great feature. I would not have brought a hammock without it. Also, you can flip the hammock and "get rid off" the bug net if you want so it's nice. Note that you don't feel of being enclosed and the net does not alter the view from inside the hammock.

The straps: - Sturdy and made of polyester they will not stretch. You definitely want to avoid nylon to ensure a stable hammock. - 1” wide, 10 ft long, and 14 loops per strap with triple stitching. These specs allow the hammock to be hang around wide trees with an easy set up. Just be aware that, if you plan backpacking, some parks might require 2" wide straps. - the 2 mini aluminum carabiners are lightweight which is important for backpacking trips.

- Great Quality Product For The Right Price

Worked exactly like I hoped it would Pro's: -Zipper is smooth -All materials are quality and tough -Looks cool -Ample room in the hammock -Enough room in the pouch for the hammock, straps and carabiners -Super easy set up (I use my own knots for the netting suspension) -Came with a little bonus surprise (I won't ruin it for ya) Con's -bulkier compared to regular hammocks without any netting. -friends get jealous.
- Nan | Worked exactly like I hoped it would

Great product. Great service. We took three of these hammocks into the Canadian Rockies and had a great time camping with this gear. It is durable, light weight and easy to set up.
- Max

I'm by no means a "pro" hammock guy. I don't know anything about knots and use things like night ize figure 9 carabiners to hold lines tight. That being said, I motocamp and have started becoming a hammock convert from tenting. All of these hammocks seems pretty similar to me. I also have a Grand Trunk double. The material on this Everest one is a little different that the parachute nylon commonplace in other hammocks. I agree with another reviewer in that it feels softer. Several big draws here: 1 - The price. Outstanding value. Makes me wonder why other hammocks cost almost twice as much with less features. 2 - Integrated bug net. I have a Grand Trunk mozzy net (big, bulky, but gives you a floor) and nearly bought an Eno bug net that goes around the hammock but that looked like a real pain to use or get in/out of. Having the net integrated makes things so much simlper to me. And it comes with lines built in to hold it up. And just flip it upside-down when you don't need the net. It doesn't pack quite as small, obviously. But the built-in pouch has a compression strap sewn on it which is convenient (and you don't lose it). I slept in this every night on a two-weel 4000 mile ride from New England around Ontario and around Lake Superior. Had no issues and slept fantastic, and no bugs bothered me. I like this so much, I bought a second one recently in case it disappears from Amazon or in case something happens to the first one. I have a fear the bug net will pull away from the hammock. This may be unfounded - the stitching seems strong, and it's a beefy zipper. Worried more about me doing something dumb to rip it moreso than a product failure. In summary - get it, pair it with some tree straps and carabiners and enjoy. Note that it doesn't come with carabiners - the ends of the hammock are zip-tied together. Which I'm fine with - I'd rather add good carabiners and not pay a little more for low-quality ones. My thanks to the manufacturer for offering a solid product at a reasonable price.
- Rob M | I like this so much I bought a second

Seriously this hammock is everything I wanted and more. It's insanely comfortable (my gf and I have fallen asleep on it countless times and we've only had it like 2 weeks). I probably searched 30 to 40 different hammocks trying to find the right one that was both large enough, light enough, came with good carabiners/tree straps and had a strong warranty behind it. This hammock not only met but exceeded all of those requirements. The mosquito net was also a major feature I wanted and the fact that this hammock has a super easy to use one that I'm pretty sure also has YKK zippers is amazing! After my hammock arrived I decided to test it out at a popular park here in San Francisco. After seeing how easy it is to set up and how seriously comfortable it is. I've now probably shared the link to this hammock with at least half a dozen or more people. The hammock has more than enough space for a large 6'3" 210lb guy and his 5'4" 140lb girlfriend. That being said, last week I bought my gf her own personal one since she was so envious of my new lounging lifestyle haha, yes mam!

- Austin

Absolutely love these hammocks, I bought two, one for my wife and one for myself. The double hammock is very roomy, making it easy to achieve the proper position, great nights of sleep! These are well made, the strap system is awesome, couldn't be more pleased.

- Absolutely Love These Hammocks

I'm 6'3" and 190 lbs. I've tried other hammocks and they have been too small to be comfortable. This one is longer and wider than most and it allows me to get a very comfortable diagonal lay in the hammock. I'd rather sleep in this than in my $4000 tempurpedic mattress! Don't think the wife would like that though... It is also pretty light and compact, the tree straps are plenty long and seem to be very well made. I would recommend this without reservation!

- I’d Rather Sleep In This Than My $4000 Tempurpedic

Love this hammock just used it on a backing packing trip and every thing worked out great the bag is really light weight and great for backpacking, and the mosquito net is a huge plus being integrated into the hammock and the zipper for the mosquito net is really heavy duty I got this with the rain fly and that was also easy to set up as well as the hammock

- Love this hammok


I finally had the opportunity to try camping with a hammock instead of a tent. I assumed our campsite in the forest would have multiple trees and that I would be able to set this up between two of them. I was a bit surprised to find our site had only one tree, and was surrounded by thick blackberry bushes. Undeterred, and eager to find a way to make it work, I pulled my Land Cruiser up and tied one end of the hammock straps to my roof rack, and the other end around the tree trunk. It worked great!

The quality of this hammock is superb,

Included tree saver straps appear well stitched and super strong. I enjoyed the best night's sleep of my camping life in this hammock! The integrated bug net worked great and kept the mosquitoes away. The included string for the bug net did not inspire as much confidence as everything else, so I replaced it with some paracord. O suppose the bug net is quite light, and doesn't require a very strong tether, but felt much more comfortable with the paracord, and not having to worry in the future about the string breaking out in the backcountry in the future. All in all, this is a 5 star hammock package at this price, and I couldn't be happier. I am recommending it to all of my friends, and planning on adding more of them to our household.

- Best Camping Night’s Sleep I’ve Ever Had!

I just used this tarp for the first time this weekend. I use an 11' hammock and this covered end to end. We did get rain and wind and it was solid. Held together perfectly and no leaks. This is a very solid tarp. My favorite part is the line loc 3's at each tie out point. It makes staking this tent out super easy and any adjustments you want to make are a breeze. I personally like to use a continuous ridgeline on my tarps so in the future I will use that instead of the two line loc's on the ridge but I used them this time and it worked perfectly. For the same price I considered another tarp on Amazon, which my buddy had, and this one is superior. The cordage alone on this one was WAY better. Good, small, strong, and very reflective.

- Great Tarp This One Is Superior

I purchased the model with the integrated bug net and tree straps. It is a little heavier than my traditional parachute hammock, but the comfort level is well worth a few extra ounces. The fabric is made out of a diamond ripstop which provides a little texture which i found to be softer and more comfortable than my old nylon hammock. It also seemed to cut down on static too. It is very likely that the extra weight comes from the bug net, but if you plan to take it camping the bet is all but essential. Having it attached makes set up easier and it is definitely easier to use than sock style net. I found the net to be a little oversized, extending above my ridgeline but some tie outs attached with safety pins easily solved the problem the extra size allows you to flip the hammock over and use it without the net. Not only is it nice to have the option of using the hammock with or without the net, in colder weather I slept with the bug net under the hammock, and used it to hold a poncho liner and space blanket to the bottom of the blanket. It was cheap and easy to pack, and performed better than any underquit I have ever used. The straps are also heavier than a set of amsteel whoopie slings, however I found them much easier to use. I found the daisy chains made it much easier to get a level hang rather than constantly adjusting and checking the whoopie slings. I made my last hammock myself, because manufactured ones always seemed expensive. However, in the end it probably would have cost just as much to make one myself and the craftsmanship is better than what i could have done. You can definitely find other hammocks that are a little lighter, however in my opinion the added comfort and convenience are well worth a coupe extra ounces.

- David Hathaway

I absolutely loved this hammock and I am so glad I bought it. I wouldn't have said this before purchasing but now I consider it to be a necessity for camping trips and outdoor ventures. It was easy to set up, sturdy - I never felt that I would fall out of it or that the strips wouldn't hold - and comfortable. And large enough to fit my 6'5" boyfriend.

- Ashley

I've purchase other mosquito netted hammocks before but this one is definitely worth the price. There is a strap between the strings that support the netting. The hammock material is dense, high quality. Depending on what you select there are options for packs with no carabiners and straps if you have your own set. There is also a small gear pocket on the inside of the hammock. Also note the netting cannot be removed as it is sewn completely on one side. The hammock can be reversed so it can be used without the netting. The standard stuff bag is sewn onto the hammock but it is much larger than usual to accommodate the netting, I suppose. Plenty of room and larger than my other hammocks.

- Steve

This hammock is very well made. Top notch materials inspire confidence that this product will perform as expected. I really like the size. I and my two kids fit in it comfortably. Have used it at the beach tied to two coconut trees. Can't wait to take into the mountains to camp out.

- Kawika Mahelona

These hammocks are incredibly comfortable. It is crucial when camping that you get enough rest. These hammocks have been built to increase a level of comfort while sleeping while providing protection against bugs outdoors. Highly recommend purchasing!

- Chris Scholes

The Setup was an absolute breeze with these. Always with camping hammocks you want to make sure to have one that is easy to put together, especially when under stress. This Everest active Gear Hammock could not be easier, especially for a first-time camper like me! Highly recommend it!

- James Archer

For every hammock I’ve purchased in the past, I’ve been very disappointed with the overall quality. They have ripped after just a month of use, and I had to replace them right away. This Everest brand has changed everything for me. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to take mobile. On top of that it was at an affordable price and was delivered right on time. I could not be more impressed!

- Garry Cowel

When I got this hammock earlier last month, I didn’t know what to expect. It is advertised as being light and with advanced tree hugger straps. I am happy to say this product exceeded my expectations. This is lightweight, it’s important for me as I have arthritis and need the assistance. The tree hugger straps are also easy to hook up and are very strong and secure. Safety is very important to me and this hammock went above and beyond!

- Jenny W

This hammock is just great. It feels comfortable and as soon as I got it in the mail, I was so excited to open it. It is very well made and has a great look. Really happy with this purchase!
 - Martin Lewis

This hammock is so much better than many on the market today. I am over 6’3” and have been looking for a hammock that I can use. The extra length added to this hammock has greatly increased by comfort and it is also a bit wider. My wife and I have wanted to use a hammock together, and this hammock is able to fit us both (just a warning it is pretty cozy, but we do not mind). The straps are made great and we both feel safe!

 - Malcom Welles

Our family love this hammock. My kids regularly fight over it, The hammock is durable and an easy set up, it is so comfortable. Also, great for a hike because its lightweight and you can take it everywhere! Highly recommend.

 - Shirley Macintosh

I will be honest, at first, I was not sure about purchasing this hammock. The price seemed a bit large compared to others but the net integration solved one of my dislikes about other hammocks. I wasn’t sure whether it would be worth it in the end but, I URGE you to buy this hammock! The quality is great and I can see it’s going to last me a long time that the price was worth it! I will not have to replaced or buy an additional bug net for a standard hammock and I get the best of both. It is very comfortable! It feels like it has been hand tailored just for me! I can’t wait for my next camping trip so I can try it out again! I am so happy with it!

 - George

Camping has been something I have been doing since I was a little girl. However, for me it has always been safety first! With all the equipment I buy, I always make sure it is made with a high level of safety. This Duo Swing Everest camping hammock is one of the safest I have used! It is made out of high quality material and the straps will hold up a lot of weight, so you don’t have to worry about falling. Great for all ages!

 - Stevie Whitefield

For years, I have been looking for a hammock that could fit both my girlfriend and I. All the ones I purchased before just couldn’t fit us comfortably and were not easy to set up. I am happy to report that this Hammock is one of the best ones to fit two people. Comfortable and strong, and also at an affordable price! Run and get this hammock!

 - Stacey